Precision Talent Solutions is as much about forging strong relationships as it is about using cutting-edge technology to deliver the talent you need — when and where you need it. Founded by Jake Frazer and Patrick Malcor, who have been working together since they served overseas in the U.S. Army over two decades ago, PTS is a veteran-owned small business that specializes in providing top talent to the overseas (OCONUS) contracting industry.


With military precision, we combine our expertise in logistics and operations with our proprietary recruiting technology to ensure both our clients and our candidates are treated to best-in-class service whenever the call to have the right people in mission-critical positions arises.


Unlike other overseas employment agencies for contracting talent acquisition, we’re not some large clearinghouse of outdated CVs and unavailable candidates. All of our candidates are highly qualified and thoroughly vetted. To put it simply, there’s no other company like PTS when the time comes to outsource your recruitment process. We offer unmatched talent as well as efficiency and value with recruitment, pre-screening and mobilization processes that can reduce your time to fill positions by as much as 70 percent.


Specialist in Defense and Government Contracting Talent Acquisition

Having worked closely with many overseas contractors, we can provide talent all the way from the C-Suite to the warehouse floor in a cost-efficient manner that saves you time and ensures compliance. Additionally, to stay abreast of international contracting developments and talent needs, we constantly make it our business to network — attending organizational meetings of the International Stability Operations Association, World Economic Forum, and the Center for Strategic and International Studies, to name but a few.

Because we understand the unique challenges that overseas contractors and candidates face, we can supply better and more timely talent solutions to the following sectors:

  • Defense and government contracting: When companies are in need of high-quality talent and are already operating on State Dept, DoD, USAID and other U.S. Government contracts overseas, we can help. We can supply a pre-vetted list of qualified candidates who possess the right security clearances, agency experience, credentials and applicable specialty skills to make filling OCONUS positions an efficient and beneficial process for all involved.
  • Aid and development: Our global talent pool means international aid and development contractors, NGOs and other organizations can count on us to provide them with the right talent — candidates who are knowledgeable of grants, contracts and funding as they relate to aid and development projects. 
  • Security services: For all aspects of global security contracts, we’re uniquely poised to meet the tight time demands and specialized skills requirements that commercial security services look for in primary and support positions that oftentimes need to be filled at a moment’s notice. 
  • Energy:The energy industry operates on a truly global scale. For this reason, many organizations in the energy sector trust us to provide them with the technical and management talent they need to deploy to some of the world’s most challenging environments.
  • Infrastructure and construction:Every overseas infrastructure and construction project hinges on obtaining the right people who can ensure everything goes according to plan throughout each critical step of the project. That’s why PTS is your preferred employment agency for global contracting.

About Us

Precision Talent Solutions delivers talent acquisition solutions for overseas projects in Defense and Government Contracting, Aid and Development, Security Services, Energy, and Infrastructure.

  • A robust international talent database
  • Pre-screened candidates
  • Advanced selection technology
  • Predictive analytics
  • Led by experienced operational executives 

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