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When it comes to staffing for global development positions, you can’t afford to have anything but the best talent. After all, in the aid and development sector more than in any other industry, every penny counts since operations depend entirely on grants and funding. That’s why, when you’re looking for your next team, you need to work with recruiters for international aid and development positions who understand your sector’s landscape and environment.

The International Aid and Development Sector

The U.S. has long been a major proponent of foreign aid and development to help overseas countries and areas in need. As such, the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 was established to streamline our country’s global aid efforts. Today, these efforts consist of funding and goods, as well as health care, technical assistance, educational programming and more. According to the Council on Foreign Relations, in 2016, the federal government spent an estimated $49 billion in aid — including security and military assistance.

There are also international organizations that provide developmental aid, such as the World Bank and various United Nations Agencies. Plus, several private organizations provide assistance, such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Talent Requirements for International Aid and Development

Talent requirements for the international aid and development sector are different than for other sectors. Individuals employed in this sector need to be able to work within the construct of a nonprofit organization, which means that every bit of funding must be accounted for to provide the required transparency and accountability. Moreover, since they’re often functioning overseas in cultures that are considerably different from their own, they need to have the cultural awareness and sensitivity required to do business in these environments.

Language skills, communication skills and problem-solving are just a few of the soft skills this sector requires its talent to have from the moment they first accept a position. In addition, many international aid openings coincide with localized traumatic events and/or major crises. As a result, aid workers are often stepping into pressure-filled situations that require them to possess both technical expertise and extensive experience in order to be effective in their roles.

Staffing for International Aid Positions

Clearly, when fulfilling your mission hinges on finding the right candidates for your project, you need to work with recruiters for international aid who understand the unique requirements of your sector. That's why selecting Precision Talent Solutions for the recruitment and staffing of your international aid and development positions is such a prudent choice. A U.S. Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), we're uniquely positioned to recognize the skills required of candidates who are expected to be successful in OCONUS positions.

With decades of experience in supporting multiple international agencies, we have a global network of talented individuals who are pre-screened, pre-qualified and "short list ready." What’s more: Our proprietary recruitment technology can speed up the selection and mobilization of the talent you need by as much as 70 percent.

The results of working with us amount to a sizable reduction in risks, costs and time. Plus, with our multi-stage vetting process, you get access to the very best candidates — instead of off-the-shelf applicants who merely happen to have a current CV in a generic recruitment database.

"As a client, Jake been been a true partner and instrumental in assisting me to achieve my career transition goals. Highly diplomatic and a professional, Jake possesses genuine industry experience. He was able to immediately grasp my careers goals, analyze the challenges, and quickly devise career advice which has helped me to broaden my career goals. Jake has a board network of industry contacts and continues to be a high value partner for PAE and myself in sourcing highly specialized and technical candidates."

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