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Overseas (OCONUS) recruitment for U.S. military and government agency contracts requires diligence, reach, industry expertise, rigid vetting structures and attention to hiring the best industry talent.

Few OCONUS recruitment agencies fit these qualifications, and even fewer come with a 20-year resume of first-hand international U.S. government and military contracting experience — but Precision Talent Solutions (PTS) does. As government headhunters for OCONUS projects and experts in overseas contingency operations recruitment, our single aim is to provide top-tier talent to the OCONUS defense and government contracting industry.

We designed our defense and government contracting services specifically for international companies operating on DoD, DoS, USAID, GSA and other U.S. government contracts overseas. We recruit and pre-select candidates for all major OCONUS programs — including LOGCAP, AFCAP, DiPSS, and many others — and offer you the most experienced, international candidates, as well as candidates who can participate in your primary personnel plans for bid and proposal efforts. We capture critical industry-specific information on each candidate, including Security Clearances, Government Agency Experience and specialty skills and credentials that matter most to decision makers.

As a U.S. Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), we understand the unique talent demands placed on companies executing or competing for defense and government contracts. You need nothing short of the best talent who are fully qualified, meet all requirements and enable you to meet your operational objectives. Thanks to our extensive talent pool and in-depth knowledge built on years of experience working with the U.S. military, our talent and recruitment services for defense and government contracting help you find and acquire this talent promptly.

Defense and Government Contracting Challenges

Military contingency contracting for OCONUS is complex and competitive. Companies competing for proposals face tight bid timelines for projects that require specialists in niche roles. These are the primary challenges companies face in international U.S. government contracting:

  • Limited Pool of Qualified Talent: OCONUS contracts require highly-skilled talent at all levels — from executive project leadership to technical personnel. These candidates must have industry experience to fill specialized roles in areas such as technical trades, medical services, aviation, operations management and logistics. Qualified talent must also meet the necessary security clearance and compliance requirements. Because it may take as long as 468 days to process a Top Secret clearance and 234 days to process a Secret clearance, talent must often be pre-cleared to meet short proposal deadlines and win international contracts.
  • High Competition for Contracts: Companies must bid against top enterprises in their industry to win valuable OCONUS contracts. First-time bidders must often compete against companies that have won OCONUS contracts in the past, making contract procurement even more challenging. International contracts are awarded to companies that have demonstrated the experience and skills necessary for the project, with the right talent to match the job.
  • Tight Timelines for Bids: International contract opportunities may open unexpectedly with tight timelines for proposals. Companies must be poised to respond quickly with tailored project proposals and a team of qualified talent ready to mobilize. Once a proposal is won, companies often face short deadlines for assembling and deploying their team. Military staffing agencies for OCONUS make it possible to respond quickly to execute your contract.
  • International Contracting Rules: Prospective companies must understand the array of rules governing international contracting and diligently operate within these regulations. DoD acquisitions are governed by complex rules under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS). Rules for government and defense contractors include export controls, anti-corruption requirements, international labor laws, human trafficking laws, IT regulations and various other binding regulations. With decades of experience in government contingency contracting, PTS can help your company navigate these rules to remain compliant.
  • Need for Discretion: Defense contracts often require high-level clearances and must be handled with discretion. When recruiting talent for sensitive contracts, companies must keep sensitive project details private and seek pre-vetted and pre-cleared candidates. Discretion is also necessary if seeking replacements for senior executives to win an OCONUS contract. Advertising replacement of high-level personnel can reveal weakness and lose stakeholder support for your company.
  • Changing Talent Requirements: As companies move through the international contracting process, their talent needs change. Companies may rely on internal resources or interim management to perform market research, but require expertise from subject matter experts (SMEs) as they further develop their contract proposal. When it is time to execute contracted work overseas, companies rely on a specialized executive team and skilled personnel.
  • Internal Resource Management: International contracting requires capable management and use of both internal resources and contracted talent. If companies rely too heavily on internal talent, critical resources can be taken away from other enterprise operations. External talent solutions can supplement existing resources with specialized skills and program-specific experience. Efficient internal resource management optimizes spending and improves OCONUS contract success.

To address the challenges of defense and government contracting, companies must be prepared to act quickly with custom contract proposals that effectively demonstrate their experience and knowledge. Companies must have access to highly-skilled and deployment-ready talent to win bids and execute overseas projects successfully.

PTS can help companies create the nimble and versatile workforce they need to respond to OCONUS project needs and maximize operational efficiency during international contract fulfillment.

"PTS was able to take a fragmented recruiting strategy that was in place within our organization and provide a packaged solution to fill our needs and current requirements. Providing qualified applicants from several different worldwide locations, they helped us to man projects as they evolved over the last year. PTS was able to adapt with our needs and give us insight to better our current HR recruiting practices. Their experience in several areas of Government Contracting gave us the edge we needed to compete for even larger government projects. The PTS team became an invaluable asset to our organization."

Senior Operations Manager, ACCL International


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Talent You Need

Experienced and skilled talent is an essential asset in the acquisition and fulfillment of overseas government contracts. If your company is seeking an OCONUS opportunity, you need pre-screened, specialized talent readily available to fulfill your staffing requirements — from skilled laborers to executive level leadership positions.

PTS can provide a range of talent to support your overseas defense and government project. Our extensive network contains over 4,000 candidates with prior LOGCAP experience who are pre-vetted and ready to deploy, and our contracting services are specifically designed for foreign companies and agencies working with DoD, DoS, GSA and other U.S. government contracts. PTS has the technology, infrastructure, professional networking and defense industry expertise to source various types of highly-qualified talent for your OCONUS program, including:

1. Management and Operations

Specialized overseas contracts require a skilled team of project and operations managers for successful execution. PTS can provide appropriately trained personnel with managerial experience in the same or comparable OCONUS projects. Winning government contracts often requires access to passive talent as top candidates are almost always employed and not seeking new opportunities. With the help of our military contracting headhunters for OCONUS and PTS's targeted recruitment services, your company can attract the best executive talent to fill senior leadership roles in project and operations management.

2. Supply Chain and Logistics

OCONUS projects require careful adherence to rules and regulations for shipment and transfer of materials, equipment, technology, software and other critical resources. Supply chain and logistics managers for DoD contracts must be knowledgeable in these regulations to keep your organization in compliance. Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contracts require even more specialized talent to transfer arms and equipment to international partners. PTS can provide experienced talent for critical supply chain and logistics roles.

3. Security Forces

If your OCONUS project requires security ops or forces, PTS can supply pre-screened candidates with experience in the field. Our candidates have the required security clearances for work on all major programs with DoD, State, and DoJ. For international projects in dangerous regions, effective security forces protect your team and are an essential part of overseas contract success.

4. Foreign Nationals

Many international projects rely on highly-experienced Foreign Nationals to fill critical roles. However, these candidates can be nearly impossible to reach with traditional recruitment techniques. PTS is uniquely positioned to connect companies with qualified Foreign Nationals in remote project locations overseas through our robust candidate pipeline.

5. U.S. and Non-U.S. Candidates

Companies can leverage both U.S. and non-U.S. talent to execute international contracts in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. Connecting with qualified non-U.S. candidates can be challenging if your company does not have an existing network in that region. PTS can supply those valuable connections to non-U.S. talent and technical trades through our technology-backed recruiting system. Our professional team can also provide counsel on best practices for recruiting non-U.S. candidates to improve mobilization and price competitiveness.

6. Contract Administrator

Serving a critical role in the successful fulfillment of OCONUS contracts, a contract administrator is responsible for ensuring that contracts are executed successfully at all organization levels. Contract administrators must be knowledgeable of legal regulations, have exceptional communication and organization skills and have experience managing international government contracts. PTS can provide highly-skilled contract administrators with experience in GSA, DoD, USAID, GSA and other U.S. government contracts.

7. Other Specialized Talent

To match the requirements of your OASIS, DiPSS or other OCONUS project, PTS can supply skilled candidates across a range of industries, including engineers and analysts, specialized mechanics, medical services personnel and aviation experts, pilots and technicians. These technical trade and specialized positions often require specific credentials that make qualified candidates hard to find. Through our proprietary technology, companies can build warm pipelines with specialized talent to fill these niche positions and can quickly access relevant candidate qualifications and documentation stored in our system.


In addition to technical skills and experience, PTS candidates are also screened for soft skills — such as communication skills, problem-solving ability, critical thinking, teamwork and interpersonal skills. Our candidates are assessed on their ability to work on multicultural teams and in overseas environments to best serve your company on an international U.S. government contract. PTS also performs a psychographic screening to ensure candidates are a good cultural fit for your company.

Solutions We Supply

PTS provides comprehensive talent acquisition solutions for government and defense projects overseas by combining extensive experience with proprietary technology. Our services are designed specifically for global contracting to help you find the best candidates for OCONUS positions. PTS offers three primary services to support your company in international U.S. government contingency contracting:

  • 1

    Recruitment and Staffing

    PTS's recruitment and staffing services connect your business with an extensive network of top industry talent. All of our candidates are pre-screened and thoroughly vetted so only the best talent is presented to your hiring team. As government job headhunters for OCONUS, we perform targeted searches for passive executive and other high-level talent, as well as technical searches for niche roles in OCONUS projects. PTS also performs continuous networking to stay ahead of global government and defense contracting developments and to meet your changing talent needs.

  • 2

    Augmentation and Outsourcing

    PTS provides augmentation and outsourcing solutions to fill short-term project needs and support services for overseas contracting. Designed for easy integration, PTS augmentation services capably provide talent when your existing resources do not have the capacity to handle your needs. Our turnkey foreign national recruitment services provide regional sourcing and quick mobilization of qualified candidates in Eastern Europe, East Africa and India. During contract transitions, our outsourcing services can provide support and save your company time and money.

  • 3

    Consulting and Interim Management

    Compliance experts ensure you have access to employee pools that meet or exceed all qualification expectations. Without such strong, "turnkey" candidates, the quality of your

    PTS offers various consulting and interim services to support your company's growth and improve your operational efficiency. PTS can provide operational consulting, business development support, process improvement and IT services and development. If you only require talent for a temporary period, PTS can supply a specialized interim management team on an individual project basis.

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Our Process

PTS employs advanced technology to recruit qualified and highly-skilled candidates for international government and defense projects. Our candidates are pre-screened thoroughly to ensure they possess all the technical and soft skills your OCONUS position requires. To match top candidates to your specific needs, our recruiter process follows a series of procedures that utilize our proprietary talent acquisition and organizational development support software. Our process involves:

  • Vetting: Military contingency contracting requires the best team of internal personnel to strengthen your bids. Companies require niche talent and pre-vetted, pre-cleared individuals able to contribute value-adding work to their teams, quickly and efficiently. PTS does the initial work of screening potential candidates through attaining accurate security clearance level data and administering personality assessments and job questionnaires. We attain key candidate documents, such as CVs, qualifications and certificates and store them in our online database for fast access.
  • Needs Identification: OCONUS-contract holders and PTS initiate a needs assessments to identify the precise requirements a role, project or initiative calls for. We create specific interview questions and candidate requirements to match these unique project needs. PTS also helps your company craft an offer that will attract and win top talent — which is especially important when recruiting passive talent to fill executive level positions. PTS will also review complementary services to support and maintain new talent through nurturing pipelines, organizational development and strategic resource planning.
  • Needs Alignment: PTS precision screening technology auto-filters our extensive database of candidates to find those who fit your specific project and organizational demands. We quickly match qualified and pre-cleared candidates with your open positions through our virtual assessment center. All alignment searches are done confidentially to maintain discretion in your international U.S. government contracting.
  • Formal Talent Acquisition: PTS launches the official talent search through our pre-screened, security-level cleared talent network and in targeted passive personnel pools. We search in key markets using both digital resources and on-ground recruitment centers. PTS has contractor networks in established and emerging markets, enhancing your ability to find ideal talent in ideal contract locations. As a part of our technical staffing services for niche roles, PTS also performs industry reference checks and creates weighted ratings for field executives who require a particular skill set.
  • Candidate Down Selection: In-depth profiles of candidates who have made it past the Needs Alignment and Talent Acquisition screenings are passed along to the client. These comprehensive and detailed profiles make it easy to select the right candidate for the job, and through our 24/7 database access, client hiring teams can review profiles for short-listed candidates anytime and anywhere.
  • Hiring and Candidate Mobilization: PTS assists in concluding the formal recruitment process with localized administrative support to onboard the new employee, including local medical screening and police checks, as well as any other program-specific mobilization requirements.
  • Contingency Retainment Services: After your key OCONUS talent is mobilized, PTS offers continued support to manage your existing pipeline and encourage candidate retainment. We offer consulting services to eliminate inefficiencies in your business processes, improve your organizational structure and optimize your supply chain management so you can win new contracts or retain your current OCONUS programs.

Through our online platform, companies can capably manage geographically dispersed teams to manage workflows, share documents and communicate hyper-effectively throughout the recruitment process. Our streamlined talent acquisition process allows companies to recruit top talent quickly and efficiently.

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The Benefits

When you work with PTS as your military recruiting agency for OCONUS contracts, you can expect a faster and more efficient process, backed by our extensive industry knowledge and experience. Here are a few benefits of our complete talent solution for OCONUS contingency contracting:

  • Saves Time: Our comprehensive client profiles include proper documentation and innovative features like pre-recorded video interviews, allowing our process to cut total recruitment and mobilization time by up to 70%. Companies can deploy their workforce and replace personnel gaps in a uniquely expedient and reliable manner.
  • Saves Money: Outsourcing your overseas contingency operations recruitment for defense and government contracts cuts overhead costs significantly. PTS also offers consultation during the salary negotiation process and can inform non-U.S. candidate recruitment to cut costs and optimize spending.
  • Pre-Qualified Candidates: PTS performs all pre-screening to ensure candidates have the appropriate security clearance level and technical skills necessary for the job. Our candidates also have experience working in the same environments and on the same programs that contractors are recruiting for, meaning they are prepared for fast deployment with minimal training.
  • Better Hiring Decisions: Our recruitment software provides a more comprehensive candidate profile including video interviews, personality assessments, reference checks, recruitment verification and many other advanced features. Our experts filter candidates and facilitate collaboration between top candidates and stakeholders through our software. This results in improved hiring decisions to bring the best candidate onto your team faster.

As experienced defense recruiters for OCONUS contracts, PTS provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for international military contingency contracting. Our proprietary software empowers your company to select and mobilize the very best talent for your international U.S. government contract.

International Defense and Government Contracting With Precision Talent Solutions

OCONUS contingency contracting for DoD, DoS, GSA and other U.S. government contracts requires top executive talent and highly-skilled technical personnel who are cleared and ready to mobilize.

To win and execute OCONUS bids, your company must be able to act fast with the support of a top-tier team. At PTS we have access to a global talent pool and a network of passive executive talent to fill critical senior positions.

Our process is guided by executive leaders with extensive military and defense backgrounds and built on proprietary talent acquisition and organizational development software. Our overseas contingency operations recruitment relies on data-driven decision-making and provides metric-backed insights to improve your headhunting and recruitment success.

Let Precision Talent Solutions be your partner for successful international U.S. government contracting. Contact us today to learn more about our advanced talent recruitment solutions for OCONUS contracting.