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International Defense & Government Contracting

Overseas (OCONUS) recruitment for U.S. military and government agency contracts requires diligence, reach, industry expertise, rigid vetting structures and attention to hiring the best industry talent.

Few international contractor recruitment agencies fit these qualifications, and even fewer come with a twenty-year resume of first-hand U.S. military contracting experience — but Precision Talent Solutions (PTS) does. Our international contract recruitment and headhunting platform has one mission: to provide top-tier, technology-enhanced talent to the OCONUS defense and government contracting industry.

Our defense and government contracting services are specifically designed for international companies operating on DoD, USAID, GSA, and other U.S. Government contracts overseas. We recruit and pre-select candidates for all major OCONUS programs and offer you the most experienced, international candidates, as well as those that can participate as candidates in your key personnel plans for bid & proposal efforts. We capture critical industry-specific information on each candidate including Security Clearances, Government Agency Experience, and speciality skills & credentials that matter most to decision makers.

As a U.S. Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), we understand the unique talent demands placed on companies that are executing or competing for defense and government contracts. You need nothing short of the best talent who are fully qualified, meet all requirements and enable you to meet your operational objectives. Thanks to our extensive talent pool, as well as our in-depth knowledge that’s built on years of experience working with the U.S. military, our talent and recruitment services for defense and government contracting help you find and acquire this talent in a timely manner.


Procuring federal U.S. defense and government contracts leaves little room for error. Global contracting is already competitive and complex. Target United States military, defense, cyber and government agency projects as a source of business, and you have new layers of complexity to navigate, beginning with one of the most basic business assets — finding experienced candidates for international projects.

When federal-level U.S. procurement opportunities strike, prospective companies must have the best compliance and cleared talent ready to deploy. PTS provides defense and government contracting services specifically designed for foreign companies and agencies working with DoD, DoS, GSA and other U.S. government contracts.

1. International Recruiting for U.S. Military Contracts

PTS' international recruitment methodology sources, screens, vets and liaises between experienced and qualified talent in numerous specialties and overseas companies who've secured military contingency contracts. We've matched talent when companies acquire hyper-competitive contracts with many of the following:

  • U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
  • Army Sustainment Command (ASC)
  • U.S. Navy Facilities Command (NAVFAC)
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

The U.S. Department of Defense alone is responsible for nearly three-fourths of government OCONUS contract obligations. An international recruitment firm fluent in their operations, familiar with their compliance structure, and committed to cost-effective placements can mean the difference in successful execution.

2. International Recruiting for Government Contracts

PTS's recruitment models place talent in contract-critical roles for non-DoD, international U.S. government contracts as well. Requiring the same diligence and the same deployment-ready personnel, our global network has worked with contracts across the following agencies — and more:

  • U.S. State Department (DoS)
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • General Services Administration (GSA)
  • U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ)
  • And Other U.S. Government Contracts

"PTS was able to take a fragmented recruiting strategy that was in place within our organization and provide a packaged solution to fill our needs and current requirements. Providing qualified applicants from several different worldwide locations, they helped us to man projects as they evolved over the last year. PTS was able to adapt with our needs and give us insight to better our current HR recruiting practices. Their experience in several areas of Government Contracting gave us the edge we needed to compete for even larger government projects. The PTS team became an invaluable asset to our organization."

Senior Operations Manager, ACCL International


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OCONUS Contingency Recruitment and Talent Management

Overseas programs face unique needs and challenges when recruiting for U.S. government and military contracts. One such is their contingency operations classification, which include most military contracting overseas, special security operations, stability forces, natural disasters, humanitarian crises, and other calamitous situations on the global stage.

Overseas contingency operations recruitment is made more challenging given this circumstantial nature. Opportunities may open unexpectedly, and bid timelines run tight. These situations mean presenting yourself as an organization with turnkey talent, from executive project leadership down to technical niche personnel.

PTS's OCONUS headhunting services target both sides of international talent management: recruitment and retainment.

1. Military and Government Contracting Recruitment

Pairing the right experts with the right overseas military and government contracts is PTS's core expertise.

We don't stop at simply finding talent, either. PTS employs an end-to-end recruitment process geared toward smooth and seamless talent procurement with needs alignment for all parties. Candidates in our database:

  • Are security and compliance cleared, as needed
  • Possess direct agency or complementary agency experience
  • Hold key professional military and government-operations credentials
  • Maintain the applicable technical and "soft" skills necessary for high-functioning overseas work
  • Are mobilization-ready with all required documentation stored in our online platform

2. Military and Government Overseas Contingency Retainment

Mobilizing key contractor talent is the first step. Structuring your company to manage, support and draw in employees elevates your operations from reactive to proactive, ultimately reducing recruitment and on-boarding costs.

Clients work with PTS across many core contingency retainment services, including:

  • Contract Transition Services: Ideal for organizations inheriting contracts in an acquisition integration or taking over from an incumbent
  • Candidate Database Enhancement: Optimizing the organization and classification of contractors in your existing talent system through candidate profile enrichment, job groupings and more
  • Organization Assessments: Our database of industry experts can work as temporary consultants on internal org structures, personnel operations, business objective development and supply chain workflow management, all funneled into practical process improvements
  • Business Development Support: Industry experts and PTS's executive team also are available to support bid and proposal efforts to win new contracts or to retain current programs; this can include reviewing current business plans against actual operations, challenges, strengths, resources and growth areas, as well as active support to proposal efforts

Cleared Recruitment for International U.S. Government Contracting

PTS assists in recruiting contractors with current security clearance. We vet and support multiple levels of the U.S. State Department's clearance rankings as well as those manded by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), including candidates with:

  • Confidential clearance
  • Secret clearance
  • Top secret clearance
  • NATO restricted classification
  • NATO confidential classification
  • NATO secret classification

Benefits of PTS Focus on OCONUS Contracting

Fully-vetted candidate pools simplify an essential aspect of military and government OCONUS work. Assisted acquisitions with pre-screened, pre-cleared candidates afford critical operational advantages, including the following three.

  • 1


    Our pre-screened database of candidates all have experience working in the same environments and on the same programs that contractors are recruiting for. Plus, because they have full profiles in our system including proper documentation and innovative features like pre-recorded video interviews, our process is estimated to cut total recruitment and mobilization time by up to 70%, enabling contractors to deploy their workforce and to replace any personnel gaps in a uniquely expedient and reliable manner.

  • 2

    Niche Expertise

    Pre-screened, pre-cleared candidate pools simplify technical searches for hard-to-find specialists in niche roles. PTS has the technology, the infrastructure, the professional networking and defense-industry expertise to source highly-qualified, role-based talent, including:

    • Security ops and security forces
    • Senior management or executive-level consultants
    • Specialized trainers and supervisors
    • Aviation experts, pilots and technicians
    • Qualified medical services personnel
    • Foreign national (FN) technical managers and administrators
    • Engineers and analysts
    • Both U.S.-citizen and non-U.S. talent
  • 3

    Complete Account Support

    Compliance experts ensure you have access to employee pools that meet or exceed all qualification expectations. Without such strong, "turnkey" candidates, the quality of your contract outputs and the reputation of your company hangs on the line.

    PTS minimizes the military and government contracting overseas recruitment and retainment work left on a client's sole shoulders. Complete acquisition account management lends services above traditional staffing agencies. We work with our clients to create the best contractor talent pipelines, fitted for their company's typical project procurements and their overall work culture. Examples include:

    • Experienced senior operational executives act as client account managers. Certified HR practitioners as well as local and overseas IT support provide further expertise to navigate details of candidates in our system
    • Business and operations practice support with a focus on OCONUS contingency contracting. The nature of defense contracts and government agencies requires top-down business models tailored to emergency and situational readiness. PTS assists in building internal models that do so.
    • Contingency business-environment enhancement through technology tools, candidate database enhancement, and policy adoptions

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PTS Experience: The Military and Defense OCONUS Staffing Agency

PTS' founders bring four decades of combined experience in both U.S. military and multinational operations and contracting.

This dual perspective means strategic insights into how military and federal U.S. government contracts work, what they require and — finally — how prospective OCONUS contractors can best fit those needs, leveraging competitive advantage above the rest.

PTS clients receive end-to-end talent acquisition and organizational-development support. We know from experience the single most successful strategy for continuous OCONUS government contracting work is based on people — their skillsets, strategic savvy, technical understanding and those irreplaceable "soft" skills. Put plainly, your personnel are your greatest assets. We help you find the best, then assist you in retaining that talent, so your reputation grows synonymous with excellence.

1. PTS Process

PTS focuses on international contract recruitment and retainment. When working with new clients, our recruiter process follows a series of procedures to match clients with culture-enhancing, highly qualified candidates. The process involves:

  • Vetting: OCONUS need the best team of internal personnel to strengthen their bids. They require niche talent and pre-vetted, pre-cleared individuals able to contribute value-adding work to their teams, quickly and efficiently.
  • Needs Identification: OCONUS-contract holders and PTS initiate a needs assessments to identify the precise requirements a role, project or initiative calls for. We'll also review complementary services to support and maintain new talent through nurturing pipelines, organizational development and strategic resource planning.
  • Needs Alignment: Precision screening technology and techniques auto-filters our extensive database of candidates to find those who fit your specific project and organizational demands. All alignment searches are done confidentially.
  • Formal Talent Acquisition: PTS launches the official talent search through our pre-screened, security-level cleared talent network and in targeted passive personnel pools. We search in key markets using both digital resources and on-ground recruitment centers.
  • Candidate Down Selection: In-depth profiles of candidates who have made it past the Needs Alignment and Talent Acquisition screenings are passed along to the client. The client reviews all profiles, then makes their offer.
  • Hiring and Candidate Mobilization: PTS assists in concluding the formal recruitment process with localized administrative support to onboard the new employee, including local medical screening and police checks, as well as any other program specific mobilization requirements.

The results are:

  • Cost-Savings: Outsourcing the recruitment aspect of military and government contracting saves internal fixed costs and lets clients refocus on core business operations.
  • Time Management: PTS outsourced recruitment can reduce the entire recruitment and mobilization timeline by up to 70 percent.
  • Compliance: PTS handles TIP compliance, foreign labor laws and other regulations, so your operations have reduced risk.

2. PTS Software

PTS owns proprietary talent acquisition and organizational development support software uniquely developed to support OCONUS contracting. These technology suites are crucial to borderless management of overseas personnel and workflows. Features include:

  • 24/7 Database Access: Our candidate database is accessible anytime, anywhere, for client hiring teams to vet down-selected candidates. Every candidate in the database comes pre-screened, compliance cleared and ready for deployment. We have contractor networks in established and emerging markets, enhancing your ability to find ideal talent in ideal contract locations.
  • Collaboration Tools: Our collaborative technological platform enables geographically dispersed teams to manage workflows, share documents and communicate hyper effectively. PTS can customize reporting and collaboration workflows for each client, as well as integrating our systems with client systems.

The results you'll get are:

  • Global Talent Pool: Few international government or military staffing agencies hold the same depth and breadth of talent-finding solutions tailored to overseas contracting, or come guided by executive leaders with their own military and defense backgrounds.
  • Data-Driven Decision-making: Unlock metric-backed insights on recruitment efforts, headhunting strategies and retainment success, plus have that data reviewed by experienced operating execs and operations specialists dedicated to your account.
  • Peace of Mind: PTS software was built for this niche of overseas contingency contracting. With such stringent IT regulations, rules and requirements, partnering with PTS gives you peace of mind that all IT-related operations remain compliant and won't cause unnecessary risk.

PTS Cleared Staffing and Recruitment Solutions

Save time and money with a turnkey OCONUS staffing agency that specializes in U.S. government and military overseas contracting. Our service suite includes three core offerings: recruitment and staffing, OCONUS contractor support and OCONUS contractor organization assessments.

1. OCONUS Contractor Recruiting Agency

PTS provides end-to-end screening, vetting and recruitment services built for OCONUS military government contracts. Organizations in need of cleared contractors to bring on board get the personnel they need, quickly and compliantly. A few features include:

  • Proprietary Database of Cleared Senior Contractors, Executives and Operations Specialists: Clients have demand access to PTS's propriety, pre-screened candidate database. All member candidates included in the database have undergone our extensive vetting process. Clients can filter candidates based on professional auto-filters, watch interview videos and view personality and qualifications assessments.
  • Passive Talent OCONUS Headhunting: PTS doesn't rest on its laurels, sourcing from the same contractors. Our targeted "headhunting" services research industry trends and upcoming contract awards to find talent pools that may not even be actively looking for OCONUS work. We then leverage ways for your company to attract those individuals through exposing them to the career opportunities with your organization.
  • Retained or Contingency Recruitment Agency Work: PTS clients pick from two staffing and recruitment models — OCONUS contingent search or OCONUS retained search. The former finds the best people for your contracting needs when requested, while the latter presents ongoing candidate matching across overseas projects and pursuits.

2. OCONUS Contractor Support and Outsourcing

PTS's outsourcing and support services strengthen an overseas contractor's abilities to manage their current contracts and talent pipelines. We do this through:

  • Contract Transition Services: Particularly when taking over contracts and workloads from a previous incumbent contractor, or after merging with another company
  • "Badgeflipping" Workforces: Analyzing who amongst an inherited team contributes value-adding work and who needs bolstering or replacement
  • Remote Collaborative Suites and Services: To ensure stakeholders can effectively communicate and project manage across borders
  • Data-Rich Reports: To inform and support tomorrow's contractor-hiring decisions and U.S. federal contract procurement

3. OCONUS Contract Recruitment Consulting and Assessments

PTS provides further premium services through ongoing industry advisory services for international U.S. military and government contractors. We can assist in auditing your contracting operations and providing tailored solutions for:

  • Candidate database operations
  • Recruitment and onboarding costs
  • Talent supply chain optimization
  • Organizational and org structure assessments and design
  • Capture management, market intelligence and business proposal reviews

Choose Expediency, Choose Compliance, Choose the Best — Choose PTS

PTS is more than a placement service. International U.S. government contracting success demands every aspect of bid-fulfillment is ready for mobilization, well-managed and geared toward specific project results. That begins and ends with cleared talent.

Let Precision Talent Solutions be your partner for next-level global talent acquisition. Contact our representatives for more information on our leading U.S. government and defense contracting services today.