The Role of International Energy Staffing Agencies

When looking for the best talent for the energy sector, you need to work with international oil and gas recruitment agencies as well as staffing firms that specialize in sourcing experienced talent for hydrocarbon exploration as well as other energy sectors, such as wind, solar or hydro energy. At PTS, we derive our extensive experience from owning an oilfield service and supply business that operated in GCC, Iraq and Kazakhstan. This is further enhanced by the fact that there are significant talent synergies between the energy sector and government contracting — not the least of all, working in remote onshore and offshore locations under typically sparse and unforgiving conditions where both safety and independent problem-solving skills are requisites of the job.

Regardless of the exact sector you’re in, you face a singular challenge in the industry: Top-quality talent is hard to come by, and that's the case for two reasons.

First, there’s a skills shortage — especially when it comes to talent with the industry experience and advanced technological skills required in this field. It’s a well-known fact that the exodus of conventional petroleum energy workers during the recession hasn’t been fully negated by an influx of new talent entering the field since then. Yet during the same period of time, the proliferation and applications of new technologies have continued at a breakneck pace.

Second, the competition is high in the energy labor market. With many different employers looking for skilled and experienced talent, you need to know what will attract candidates to a position — whether that’s remuneration, interesting work, great perks or a combination of each.

Sourcing Top Energy Talent

Once a project has been approved for exploration, there’s no time to waste. Any delay due to a lack of personnel will result in missed deadlines and overextended budgets.

Compliance is key in the energy sector, especially with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act — or FCPA — as well as all industry-related safety regulations. That’s why international oil industry staffing agencies and other firms that provide talent for the energy sector need to have vast talent pools of pre-screened candidates who can be trusted to perform and are ready to work when you need them. Our technology can pinpoint key qualifications and certifications that talent need to possess in order to be qualified for a position.

At PTS, we’re skilled at supplying global energy companies with highly qualified candidates. We know from experience what qualities to look for in talent for overseas operations. Often, this specialized talent needs to be able to work under extreme environmental conditions while adhering to strict deadlines and project expectations. In addition, depending on the position, candidates must demonstrate a commanding knowledge of the right mix of technical and soft skills.

Additionally, we can help you determine what to offer candidates in order to attract them to your company — instead of seeing their skills go elsewhere.

Recruiting for International Energy Positions

With everything from national economies to climate factors affecting how the world’s population and businesses consume fuels and access their energy, the need for experienced international energy talent has never been greater. Of course, looking at energy exploration and consumption from a global perspective is nothing new. Since the 1973 oil crisis and the establishment of the International Energy Agency the following year, the world’s most significant energy companies have all had to compete for talent on an international scale.

To make matters even more competitive, the International Energy Outlook 2018 — comprised of independent statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration — forecasts an economic growth of five percent or higher over the next two decades across Africa as well as in India and China. This development will have a noticeable impact on how energy is extracted, refined and consumed throughout all industrialized nations.

As a result, everything from the offshore exploration for oil and gas to longwall mining for coal — as well as the ongoing development of sustainable energy sources — will require the very best talent in the industry to yield successful results upstream, midstream and downstream — from rig to end-user.

"PTS provided our company with mission-critical personnel in a timely and highly professional manner. They combined scientific assessments, video interviewing, and executive insights to deliver high-quality candidates which others were not able to find."

Program Manager, Tanax Aerospace


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