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Our broad range of recruitment and staffing solutions are specifically designed to deliver the qualified talent you need in a short amount of time. At PTS, we possess:

  • Extensive experience in and knowledge of the international construction industry
  • The ability to determine exactly what soft skills, technical skills and experience you require
  • Proprietary technology that reduces the time to fill international positions by as much as 70 percent
  • Virtual assessment technology — including psychographic testing — to find the right match
  • A vast pool of pre-screened and pre-tested talent

What’s more: We present only candidates who are ready to work.

Recruitment and Staffing for International Construction Positions

When it comes to international recruitment, construction superintendents and managers are often among the most challenging types of talent to source. The best HSE managers, QA/QC managers and construction superintendents need to possess a range of technical skills as well as extensive expertise.

First and foremost, they must have a deep understanding of the technical aspects and budgetary requirements of the project and how these aspects fit into a company’s overall business objectives. Second, they need leadership and communication skills, since they form the liaison between workers and upper management of the organization.

Third, everything from equipment failures to weather to political unrest can impact a project, so they should be outstanding problem solvers who can function under pressure. And fourth, they have to be able to represent your company in conversations with local and regional officials, depending on how high-profile the project is and in what area the development is located.

Recruiting for International Construction Positions

Considering all of these requirements, it can be challenging to source top-quality construction talent for your project. Add to that the fact that the best talent is already employed and not actively looking for work, and it can seem next to impossible. It’s not surprising that when they're sourcing talent for international construction, recruitment agencies often don’t have the knowledge and talent pool needed to find top candidates.

Finding the Right Talent for Your International Construction Project

International construction projects have the potential to be pivotal developments — both for the companies tasked with overseeing them as well as for the populations and businesses that will eventually enjoy the results of such projects.

For example, last year, the World Bank Group signed $510 million worth of major projects for infrastructure development in Iraq — in addition to the $750 million that was already assigned to the Emergency Operation for Development program.

When you’re overseeing millions of dollars in an international construction project, you want to make sure that you have the right talent to lead it. That’s where international construction headhunters play an invaluable role.

"PTS provided us with highly professional recruitment services for both senior management and middle management roles. PTS has a great network in the overseas contracting sector, and they were able to help us bring onto our team several key senior positions to include the Program Manager, Deputy Program Manager, Contracts Manager, and Training Manager." 

VP Global Operations, PAE


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Source Top Talent With Precision Talent Solutions

Our broad range of recruitment and staffing solutions are specifically designed to deliver the qualified talent you need in a short amount of time. In fact, thanks to our proprietary technology, we can reduce the time required to fill international project positions by as much as 70 percent.

Along with our staffing and recruitment services, we also offer confidential executive searches, contract transition service, targeted headhunting for passive talent, technical searches for niche roles, and organizational assessments.

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