Augmentation & Outsourcing


Our short-term augmentation and project-specific support services are designed to provide talent when your existing resources aren’t sufficient to handle your needs. They can help you control your overhead while still allowing you to retain surge capability. Thanks to our unique technology approach, our services are affordable and easy to integrate.

Turnkey Foreign National Recruitment - Our turnkey foreign national recruitment (Eastern Europe / East Africa / India) platform supports:

  • Regional sourcing of pre-screened candidates in key local markets with our on-ground network and recruitment centers.
  • Precision Screening: Customized Job Specific questions auto-filter candidates, down-select scorecard by our staff
  • Personality assessment: Our system allows access to personality assessment and pre-recorded video interview on-demand
  • Down-selected candidates shared with client via PTS portal with full information
  • Support to local administration for hiring and candidate mobilization (police records, medical, etc.)

Contract Transition Services - New contract wins and M&A integration require the transitioning of multiple contracts, from workers on the floor all the way up to program executives. Our contract transition services make this process a seamless one:

  • Screen & Assess incumbent workforce for “badgeflipping” transitions: In the event of taking over a program from an incumbent contractor, it can be necessary to carefully assess and screen existing workforces to see which employees can be kept and which need to be replaced with new hires.
  • Remote Collaboration: All stakeholders on transition team get access to geographically dispersed workforce
  • Saves Time & Money: Our services help to increase the speed of transition, while requiring less travel from your people and supporting better hiring decisions through objective, comprehensive data-driven insights.

Candidate Database Optimization / ATS Harvesting - It’s critical to keep your existing candidate database current and optimized — a task PTS can directly support:

  • We harvest your existing candidate database to determine relevant and interested talent
  • We build PTS profiles based on job groups for streamlined review by customer stakeholders
  • We reduce new recruitment costs by engaging with the existing talent base

Bid & Proposal Support - Ensuring the accuracy of the talent data included in your bids and proposals is critical. We can provide the following support:

  • Identify Key Personnel for Programs and Task Orders; obtain LOC's and keep talent warm
  • Pricing support for Foreign National labor
  • Find "non-obvious KP talent; fresh and relevant market pricing for FN talent

Organizational Assessment - Assessing your existing workforce for individual qualities helps the transition team determine whether employees have the right qualities to fit into the new company culture. Being a good cultural fit is a key factor in ensuring success with a company, especially after an M&A.

  • Inventory of motivations & personality of existing workforce
  • Valuable for informing M&A process to identify

Precision Talent Solutions — Your Direct Line to Operational Success

With a wide range of services, we combine our vast talent network and cutting-edge proprietary technology to reduce the time it takes to fill positions by as much as 70 percent. In addition to our OCONUS recruitment and staffing solutions, we're highly skilled at performing technical searches for hard-to-find niche roles, targeted headhunting to approach passive talent, candidate database optimization and organizational assessments. Plus, we offer consulting services.

Today’s world moves fast. Natural disasters, armed conflicts and a host of other humanitarian crises can occur practically overnight, leaving organizations that are tasked with supplying assistance and ensuring stability with an immediate need for turnkey solutions to expand their international rapid mobilization talent pool.

When these types of situations arise, you’re suddenly faced with the need to recruit large numbers of qualified individuals in a very short period of time. That’s where Precision Talent Solutions and our highly efficient recruitment process augmentation for the rapid mobilization of OCONUS positions comes in. As a veteran-owned small business (VOSB) skilled in logistics and operational support — and with a vast network of pre-screened, short-listed candidates — we're proud to offer best-in-class outsourced talent acquisition solutions.

"PTS provided Recruitment Process Augmentation (RPA) services to help us mobilize dozens of Foreign National mentor/trainers. During the RPA, PTS leveraged their strong network in the Balkans and East Africa along with their highly customized technology platform to rapidly source, select, and mobilize niche talent to support our project. As a testament to their focus on quality, all 31 mentor/trainers recruited by PTS remained on the project through the first year."

VP Global Operations


Foreign National Recruitment for OCONUS Operations

At Precision Talent Solutions, we have extensive experience helping some of the top organizations in the world attract and recruit top-quality foreign nationals. We have excellent foreign relationships and can source candidates from our on-the-ground recruitment centers in UAE, Kenya, the Balkans, and India. Our in-depth knowledge of industries and sectors ranging from the military and security to energy and construction, combined with our expertise in the field of international recruiting, makes us the best choice to help you source the foreign national talent you need.

Our recruiting process is highly specialized compared to other headhunting agencies. Instead of receiving a list of candidates that might not fit the role, we cater our questions to the specific requirements you're looking to fill. Do you need someone with a certain clearance? A top candidate fluent in multiple languages? We can help.

The difference between a normal workforce agency and us is that we employ recruiters who have extensive experience in every sector. They make sure to keep up with all the latest developments in the field so that they always possess the knowledge to recognize the skills and abilities required on current programs. This quality is invaluable when you're trying to select candidates who are precisely the right fit for your position and company culture.

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Rapid Mobilization Recruitment & Contract Transition Services

Of course, in a rapid buildup or transition, you need to concentrate your in-house resources where you need them most: on your core business and responsibilities. That’s when outsourcing the bulk recruitment of talent for OCONUS positions can prove to be one of the most important strategic decisions you can make to ensure a successful completion of your mission.

At Precision Talent Solutions, our goal is to help make your transition as seamless as possible. It starts with screening and assessing existing workforces to decide which employees to keep and which to replace with new candidates. We'll help you take over a program from an incumbent contractor while offering remote collaboration, so your stakeholders on the transition team can evaluate a geographically dispersed workforce.

The best part of our services is that we can save you time and money. Your executives won't need to travel as much, and you can support all of your hiring decisions with our comprehensive data. Our existing talent base of qualified candidates will save you money throughout the recruitment process as well.

Candidate Database Optimization

Sometimes the challenge of building or developing your workforce for overseas projects is not a matter of finding new talent, but getting the most out of your existing database of qualified personnel. Most contractors have extensive databases of personnel that already have some relationship to the company, but there is no easy way to mine that database for the most qualified and current candidates for a specific project, or a way to evaluate the availability of talent to promote new opportunities and business with existing customers. Our HR experts and our proprietary technology platform can help you harvest your existing candidate database to determine relevant and interested talent. From there we can build PTS profiles based on customized job groups or review by your customers and other stakeholders. Reduce your per head recruitment costs and engage with your existing talent base through our candidate database optimization services.

Benefits of Working With Precision Talent Solutions

Ever since our founders Jake Frazer and Patrick Malcor served as U.S. Army officers more than two decades ago, they've made it their professional mission to supply the military and multinational organizations with the very best in OCONUS contracting solutions. Because they saw firsthand the need for rapid mobilization in the contracting sector, they built PTS on both personal relationships and proprietary technology.

Today, with virtual assessments, psychographic profiles and one of the most comprehensive, up-to-date talent databases in the industry, we offer organizations looking for recruitment process augmentation for OCONUS positions a competitive advantage that other agencies simply cannot match.

For example, our personality assessment helps your transition team determine which employees have the right qualities for your new company culture. While you may shrug off a cultural fit, individuals with the same motivations and personality as the rest of your workforce have a greater chance at success in the company.

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