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PTS connects your business strategy with our deep and responsive network of top executive talent. This is a crucial factor for global talent acquisition solutions since accessing the right manpower OCONUS is largely about having avenues to passive talent. Executive talent is nearly always already employed and not between jobs, so working with us quite literally gives your company access to management and technical talent you wouldn’t normally come across in any other manner of searching.

Our customized proprietary technology also allows us to provide you with the requested talent efficiently. Thanks to our thorough pre-screening of candidates, we only present candidates who are a good match for the position you’re looking to fill. We make sure they possess all of the specialized and soft skills required to make a difference at the leadership level — plus, we vet them to ensure they’re a good cultural fit.

Executive Search for Senior Roles on OCONUS Programs

  • Confidential searches for discreet replacements: In the highly competitive world of OCONUS contracting, it’s rarely beneficial to let others in your industry know that you’re looking for replacements, especially for your senior executives. Disseminated at the wrong time or via the wrong channels, such information could be interpreted as a sign of weakness or instability. This can result in harm to your business’s reputation and undermine employee — and even stakeholder — confidence. Instead, you need an agency like PTS that can conduct searches quickly, effectively and discreetly. We understand what’s at stake, which is why working with us can mean all the difference to the final result for your company.
  • Targeted “headhunting” for approaching passive talent within industry: At PTS, we work diligently to first understand your precise needs and the requirements of the position. Then, with that knowledge in hand, we’re better equipped than anyone else to determine what exactly will attract top candidates, as well as how to present your company in the best light — including salary, benefits, bonuses, and project opportunities or initiatives — so any targeted search is beneficial for all involved.
  • “Executive to Executive” candidate experience: The candidate experience is critical to attract top talent and to convince them to work for your company. For this reason, we actively involve executives from your company in the interview and selection processes. Throughout the candidate experience, your top candidates are interacting with their potential future peers, asking questions, gaining information and generally getting a firsthand feel for the level at which they’ll be functioning if they’re offered the position and accept it.
  • Retained and contingent mandates: We have the experience and talent search insights to help you effectively apply strategies that will better attract and retain top talent. We work flexibly with our clients on either a retained or contingent mandate basis, depending on the complexity and level of the recruitment search process.

Technical Search for Hard-to-Find Niche Roles 

We possess the technology and professional expertise to successfully find qualified talent to fill niche roles. We always make sure you have access to employees with the right qualifications for hard-to-find roles — safeguarding the quality of your workforce and minimizing risks to your organization. When there’s no room for compromise, we find the talent you need.

  • Security clearances (US & NATO)
  • Technical Trades, Aviation/pilots, Trainers/Mentors, Security
  • US and non-US talent
  • Foreign National (FN) technical managers, admin
  • Qualified Medical Services FN’s


“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Precision Talent Solutions (PTS) as a professional seeking a new career opportunity and subsequently as an employer with recruiting needs. I can say without hesitation, PTS are my go-to company for talent. They have a well-defined methodology to capture employer requirements then find and match candidates to requirements. PTS uses state-of-the-art assessment tools and a keen understanding of the industry and its trends to recommend a candidate. Their leadership and experience in the engineering, logistics and construction industries has proven priceless.”

Program Manager – Iraq OMSS, PAE


Learn More About Our Solutions for Global Contracting

Your international organization needs strong leadership ranging from field executives to technical roles to foreign nationals. When you're in a period of transition, it's even more important to find executives with a very specific skill set that will lead you through a difficult time. Your new team members also need considerable technical abilities and knowledge of the industry or sector.

In addition, these individuals must demonstrate leadership, communication, strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. Moreover, they need to know how to function in an overseas environment, as well as lead cross-border and/or multicultural teams. Last, but certainly not least, they must be agile and capable of dealing with rapid change.

Precision Talent Solutions offers specialized technical recruitment solutions for field executives, technical/cleared positions and foreign national roles. We understand how critical these positions are to your team, and our services will help you find the right individuals quickly. Our proprietary technology can quickly match individuals with your open careers. We even have a short-list of pre-approved candidates to bring talent to your OCONUS operations as soon as possible.

Targeted Headhunting for OCONUS Program Executives

Your program executives need to possess a unique skill set that can take your company to the next level. Especially due to the international and challenging work environment, these requirements go beyond what’s expected of most program managers. Naturally, finding this type of top executive talent can be challenging. That’s where consulting, and targeted headhunting services from Precision Talent Solutions can provide an effective and efficient solution.

With our executive search services for OCONUS operations, we'll work closely with you to first develop a profile of the ideal candidate and then generate a list of potential candidates. We pre-screen candidates and present only the ones who are a good match for your open positions. Each candidate has a specialized set of soft skills and leadership capabilities that make them an excellent fit for your company.

OCONUS contracting is extremely competitive, and letting others in the industry know that you're looking to replace senior executives could come across as a sign of weakness. We operate under complete confidentiality to help you find replacements quickly and discreetly.

At Precision Talent Solutions, we also have extensive experience helping some of the top organizations in the world attract and recruit top-quality executives for interim management services. Our goal is to understand your specific needs and requirements for the position first, then quickly find a replacement that will lead your company during a time of transition.

Specialized Technical Recruitment

At Precision Talent Solutions, we also provide critical functional or technical recruitment. OCONUS operations frequently require top technical talent with security clearance, for example, when it comes to contracting for the U.S. Armed Forces. As a veteran-owned small business (VOSB), we’re perfectly positioned to understand the specific requirements of these types of critical positions and advise you on the skills and qualities to look for in candidates.

The candidate's experience is important during the hiring process, especially for technical positions and specialized roles. These roles are typically hard to fill, but PTS has helped find talent with security clearance for the U.S. and NATO, as well as pilots, trainers, mentors and security for U.S. and non-U.S. companies.

We tailor our specialized technical staffing services based on what type of candidate you're looking for. For example, we do tailored ExSums, industry reference checks, and weighted ratings for field executives that need a specific skill set. You won't need to wait months before making a new hire.

To attract top talent, you need to involve executives in the interview and selection process so that technical or cleared candidates can interact with their potential future peers. We will help you gain that firsthand feel, and we have the experience and insights to help you attract and then retain the top talent. We work on a retained or contingent mandate basis to help you with your hiring needs whenever you need it.

Benefits of Working With Precision Talent Solutions

When you work with Precision Talent Solutions, you gain access to our extensive network of experienced, qualified candidates who can help drive your operations. Before we present any candidates to you, we pre-screen them thoroughly to ensure they possess all the technical and soft skills the position requires. This pre-screening process includes a psychographic component that helps reduce your risk and ensures the candidate is a good cultural match for your organization.

In addition, since the labor market is tight and specialized technical workers often have their pick of interesting positions, we'll help you put together an offer that’s designed to appeal to each candidate. It's extremely helpful for recruiting passive talent — individuals who are already employed and aren’t actively looking for a new position. For example, while most candidates are motivated by remuneration, others may also be attracted to working with certain teams or want the prospect of further assignments after the completion of a short-term project.

Our broad range of specialized technical recruitment and staffing solutions is backed by our proprietary sourcing technology that can reduce the time needed to fill a position by up to 70 percent. In short — at Precision Talent Solutions, we offer in-depth expertise and a wide range of services that are focused on supplying experienced, qualified talent for OCONUS positions.

In addition to providing top-quality recruitment and staffing solutions, we offer high impact consulting services including candidate database optimization, contract transition services and organizational assessments as well as temporary and interim subject matter experts for bid and proposal work.

When it comes to attracting and recruiting the right team members, you need the services of a specialized technical staffing company like Precision Talent Solutions. To learn more about how we can help your organization, contact us today.