Why PTS?

At Precision Talent Solutions, we differentiate ourselves through our unrivaled experience in overseas contracting and our proprietary technology that can accelerate the recruitment and mobilization process by as much as 70 percent. Here’s a concise overview of our solution.


We have a pool of pre-qualified talent:

  • This pool ensures a higher success and retention rate than the general population.
  • It includes thousands of foreign nationals with prior USG or LOGCAP experience.
  • It includes experienced cleared trades and field executives.

A filter — specifically customized for each individual role — is set up to enable a quantitative filtering process that facilitates the scoring of candidates. It includes:

  • Career profiles with structured, easy-to-read résumés
  • Personality assessments that are benchmarked to each role and reveal soft skills fit percentage
  • Verified key documents to ensure candidate is deployment-ready
  • Job question scorecards that are customized to each role and reveal technical score
  • Reference checks that are tailored to each role and ensure a closed loop feedback circle
  • Pre-recorded or live video interviews designed for each role

Next, a second filter is applied. Candidates are screened by veterans:

  • Because the entire PTS team has had “Boots on the Ground” time, we understand the mission and roles.
  • We conduct a qualitative person-to-person screening to provide our insights.
  • Based on our findings, we create a shortlist of right-fit candidates.

Finally, we present the shortlist in a manner that:

  • Allows you to quickly and easily view all facets of a candidate
  • Facilitates team collaboration and records feedback
  • Breaks down geographies and time zones

In addition, to recruit foreign nationals, we use our online solution — plus, we attend hiring events. And to place field executives, we provide tailored exsums, conduct industry reference checks and assign weighted ratings.

To learn more about PTS, our range of services and how we can deliver outstanding OCONUS contracting talent for your next project, contact us today.